Meghlock Tube Fittings come to you completely assembled, finger-tight.They are ready for immediate use.Dis-assembly before use can result in dirt or foreign material getting into the fitting and causing leaks.


Meghlock Double Ferrule Fittings

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Meghlock Single Ferrule Fittings

MEGHLOCK TUBE FITTINGS are installed in three easy steps:-

Step 1

Insert the tubing into the MEGHLOCK FITTINGS.Make sure that the tubing rests firmly on the shoulder of the fitting and that the nut is finger-tight.
Step 2

Before tightening the MEGHLOCK nut, scribe the nut at the 6.00 o’clock position.
Step 3

Now while holding the fitting body steady with a backup wrench,tighten the nut one-and –quarter turns.Watch the scribe mark, make one complete revolution and continue to the 9.00 o’clock position.

For 1/8”, 3/16”, 3 & 4mm size tube fittings only 3/4turns from finger-tight is necessary.